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Valentine Poster Prints


announced greetings and design's brand new line of valentine's day printable posters!!

they make darling holiday decor, as well as thoughtful gifts for your valentine.

*with purchase, you will receive a high quality (300 dpi) .jpg file that can be printed at any facility of your choice.*

posters are sized to be printed up to 16x20 with crystal clear quality!!
(and will print at smaller sizes as well)

get one for you....and your valentine....

the kiss *secret love* $5

the kiss *blush* $5

the kiss *first love* $5

live to be $5

the love *pink perfection* $5

the love *black tie* $5

xoxo *heart you* $5

xoxo *smiley face* $5

xoxo *pinkie swear* $5


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