announced greetings and digital design is focused on helping you announce all the important things in your life.
our card and invitation designs are DIGITAL files that you can take to your choice of printer.
please see our FAQ page for questions regarding ordering.
or feel free to e-mail us with any additional questions.


frequently asked questions...

how long until i get my card?
     *you'll receive a proof within 2 business days.  (unless otherwise informed) 
     *any changes that are made will be made within another 2 business days
*after you have confirmed the proof, you will receive a final file within 24 hours.
     *most transactions will take around 3 to 4 business days, however if there are extensive changes made by the customer, more time may be necessary.  we will inform you of any changes to that policy.

     how do i print my card file after i get it?
         *you'll receive a .jpg file that is the exact size of your card.
         *find a website or store site that prints photos or photo cards
         *upload your file to the website, or burn the file onto a disk and take it to the store

      do you have any tips for printing?
           *most places cut off a small amount around the perimeter for printing.  we try to make sure that we leave an adequate "ditch" so that nothing on your card is lost.  but double checking never hurts.

           *lots of online sites offer coupons for discounted printing and shipping.  look around for those before ordering!

           *check closely for printing options before ordering.  they usually offer cardstock, or photo paper options, and also matte or glossy options.  make sure you choose the right options for you.

        what kind of photo files can i use?

             *any .jpg photo file will work, however for the best quality, we recommend high resolution photos.  we will try to warn you if your file isn't going to work well.

             *professional photos work great, but are certainly not necessary.  most point and shoot cameras take photos that are more than clear enough for a great outcome!

             *we love to help you share your photos, but you do need to own the copyright to any professional photography.  if you have a question about whether you are allowed to reproduce a the photographer.
             *we definitely have a few favorite photographers!  check out links to their sites on our main page, and also at the bottom of any cards that feature their work.

          do you offer any other design services?
               *we are always game for a custom project!  i designed my own blog, and have experience with promotional design as well as custom art and canvas art design.  please contact me with any inquiries about ideas, availability and pricing.

            who are you, and how can i contact you?
                 *my name is Lara Garner, and i am a SAHM of 2 kids.  i just got sick of looking for a christmas card that was my style.  i am kind of a person who, if i can't find what i am looking for, will find out a way to make it myself.  so that's what i did. 

                 *my e-mail address is:  feel free to e-mail me with any questions. 


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