announced greetings and digital design is focused on helping you announce all the important things in your life.
our card and invitation designs are DIGITAL files that you can take to your choice of printer.
please see our FAQ page for questions regarding ordering.
or feel free to e-mail us with any additional questions.


can hardly wait....

are you wondering if we're ever gonna be up and running? well, the answer is...yes! soon. we just want you to know that we're getting there. we are currently working with a printer to come up with pricing and other options. there's going to be lots of new stuff in the next few weeks.

we weren't kidding when we said we'll be adding stuff...have you checked the baby section lately? new things are added all the time. i post them as soon as they're designed. be sure to leave a comment if there are ideas or color schemes that you'd like to see. i'm still designing daily!

hopefully, you're starting to see some stuff you like. we should be fully functioning, and ready to accept orders soon.

stay tuned!!


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