announced greetings and digital design is focused on helping you announce all the important things in your life.
our card and invitation designs are DIGITAL files that you can take to your choice of printer.
please see our FAQ page for questions regarding ordering.
or feel free to e-mail us with any additional questions.


little by little...

we are here! have you noticed the clean and contempo new blog look? it's not a drastic change...but i love it truly. we're working on getting better previews of all our holiday cards, and having them attach to the new browsing buttons. we're also going to put up some new invitation options. hopefully we'll have an on-line ordering option up in the next few weeks as well. (along with some new holiday choices for 2010 holidays.) and if we're really hoppin....we might get up a couple halloween party invites and printables. SQUEEL! so many things to get ready.

our site has now added access to the designer and I am available for more custom design projects. I have experience with blog design, logo design, commercial design, and custom canvas art. this will be the best way to get in touch with me for ANY design needs.

i'm so very excited to get the site up and working at the point that i always dreamed it would. and i can't wait to start helping you fill all your announcement needs!


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