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our card and invitation designs are DIGITAL files that you can take to your choice of printer.
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new year, new you!

hello all you fellow cute enthusiasts! it's a new year, a new decade, and a new dedication to only doing awesome things in 2010. the site is progressing.

we filled up our holiday sections with amazing cuteness. thank you, thank you, thank all those who allowed me the opportunity to design their christmas cards. it was so much fun.

now comes the season of babies, weddings, and graduations. all the new beginnings. our baby section is getting some new ones. (cute, of course)

the wedding and graduations sections remain naked. however there is honorable intention to give them some love in the next few weeks.

and we will probably be adding a section for non-photo announcements and invitations. yay!

we've also added more clear pricing and ordering instructions. along with some faq's that you might have.

right now we're just working on word of mouth. so if you like what you got...or like what you see...tell your friends!

we want to help you announce all your new beginnings for 2010!


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