announced greetings and digital design is focused on helping you announce all the important things in your life.
our card and invitation designs are DIGITAL files that you can take to your choice of printer.
please see our FAQ page for questions regarding ordering.
or feel free to e-mail us with any additional questions.


how to order

if you'd like to place an order: follow these instructions!!

#1-decide which card you'd like (or if you'd like a custom card)
#2-pick which photo you'd like to use
#3-send an e-mail to lara ( containing:
your photo
your card choice**
any changes in fonts, colors, or other requests

**if you'd like a custom card, it is helpful to know what direction you want to go, or what you like. i cannot copy another company's card exactly.(obviously) but if you find some examples on the web of cards that you like, i can usually make one that feels similar. (i like tiny prints, shutterfly, and minted) feel free to send me links to, or photos of, cards you like.

after your e-mail is sent....sit back and wait. it shouldn't be long. after your card has been approved by you...i'll send you the actual printable file.

thank you so much for doing business with us!!


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